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Chris Pearson

Chris has been providing therapy from John Cox Health since June 2010. His practice now includes work with individuals, face-to-face in his therapy Logo of VSeerooms and remotely, online using the VSee telemedicine platform. He also works with groups, visiting commercial and voluntary organisations, colleges and special interest groups.

Consilient Therapy logoAs a therapist Chris began with a BACP-accredited Counselling Skills course in 2001. His personal and professional development progressed and in 2009, studying in Sheffield, he incorporated hypnoterapy into his practice. It was late in 2009 that he set up Chris Pearson | HYPNOTHERAPY, now a part of Consilient Therapy. Following training in 2013, he was accredited as an Integrative Supervisor, recognised by NCP and GHR, and supervises the practice of therapists. Chris has continued a firm commitment to professional and personal development in several other areas, too. He completed a Paediatric Therapy Diploma in 2015 before extending his practice to under-16 clients.

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Chris Pearson is a certified neuropsychoterapy practitioner and a became a Certified Member of IACN in 2017

Chris aligned his working practice with the neuroscience model and, from 2014, the therapy he provides has been underpinned by established neuroscience. Following a period of study, he attended Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner certification training with Prof Pieter Rossouw at University of Queensland’s Clinical Skills Development Centre in Brisbane, Australia in March 2017. Following submission of his assessed written work, he was awarded certification in April 2017 and Certified membership of IACN.

IACN is now known as International Association of Applied Neuroscience (IAAN)

Chris began a post-graduate course in Neuropsychotherapy and Applied Neuroscience in summer 2017.

Picture of Chris Pearson with Prof Rossouw in Brisbane, Australia
Prof Rossouw with Chris Pearson at the start of the Neuropsychotherapy Conference in Brisbane, Australia – 23. May 2017

Chris was invited to speak at the Neuropsychotherapy Conference and, in May 2017, he returned to Brisbane presenting Reviewing Misophonia and its Treatment to Conference and chairing a discussion group in the main auditorium.

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Misophonia Institute: Awareness – Training – Research

Chris has established a reputation for providing effective therapy across a broad general practice as well as becoming an internationally-recognised specialist treating misophonia. He is a board member of the Misophonia Institute, a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in USA. Its mission is to promote awareness of misophonia, to train professionals and to support research into the condition and its treatment.  He has presented on misophonia at two Misophonia Conventions (Chicago, 2015 and Bloomington, 2018) and delivered two papers to the inaugural Misophonia Research Symposium in Pleasanton, California in August 2018.

Sequent Repatterning logoDeveloping Therapy for Misophonia

Sequent Repatterning was developed by Chris as a specialist therapy framework to treat misophonia. Since 2013 this therapy, based upon the neuroscience therapy model, has provided benefits to several hundred individuals with misophonia and Chris has completed training of practicing clinical professionals, also providing sequent repatterning.

Chris Pearson is registered in UK with CNHC, the national professional standards authority and is a member of several professional bodies. In early 2017 he was invited to membership of Royal Society of Medicine. He is also an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist, providing therapy on behalf of this wonderful organisation.

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I provide therapy as part of my private practice and as an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist


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