Ready for freedom?Smoker

If you’re ready to live without smoking then now is the time to take action.

Why keep on promising yourself a healthier life when you could be living it? Just consider some of these facts:

Only 20 minutes after putting out that final cigarette your blood pressure begins to adjust and the temperature of your hands and feet increases towards normal.

After 8 hours the carbon monoxide levels in your blood are reduced and after 24 hours – just a day and a night – your risk of a heart attack begins to decrease. And over the longer term the benefits just grow and grow!

Hypnotherapy will strengthen you and your resolve to achieve a healthier life free from smoke, cigarettes, tobacco. There are two ways the therapy can be tailored to you: a three-session approach or single-session smoking cessation. Either option can make your decision to become a non-smoker a reality. Quickly. Permanently.

Three-session approach

An initial consultation will ensure that your decision to end smoking, to breathe clean air and benefit from freedom is strengthened. Then up to two further sessions your change of lifestyle can be achieved. Two sessions are usually booked over consecutive days – preparation on day one, stopping on day two.  The third session is then planned for a future date or kept ready for any future issues that might crop up.

Single session cessation

For those who prefer to make a clean break, the single session lasts about 90 minutes (but can run on to two hours) with you leaving a non-smoker.  Chris offers a follow-up consultation – should you feel you need it – within about six months.

Success is right in front of you. All you need to do is take action and get in touch.

You really can succeed!

“Even if you’ve tried before,” says Chris Pearson, “I can help you. Even if you have tried and failed two, three or four times I can help you as I have done before, working with other multiple-triers.” Many therapists will claim that a single, premium-priced session is all it takes. But my knowledge from actual experience indicates that you are best served by therapy planned for you as an individual – to establish your plan, act upon your resolve and then ensure your longer-term commitment to beneficial change. That’s why I offer single and multi-session therapy – all at the same total price.

You didn’t become a long-term smoker the very day you smoked your first cigarette and you probably have taken time to decide that you will be that non-smoker! It requires you to prepare, to act and then to follow through with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy doesn’t just make you into an ex-smoker – it can ensure you will become a life-long non-smoker. And there is a powerful difference between a non-smoker and an ex, who just isn’t smoking at the moment.

You provide the desire to live smoke-free and I offer the way towards that freedom and your future success.

Why not get in touch? Call free from a landline on 0800 644 0154 or ring Chris Pearson direct on 0754 220 44 45 – you can use the contact form here. Call John Cox Health reception on 01977 644888. It will improve your lifestyle – it might save your life!

In case you wondered…

My smoking cessation therapy is tailored to your success. We will use an approach matching the Transtheoretical Model of Prochaska and DiClemente – that’s the definitive work on breaking addiction.

And I am committed to reducing smoking! So the three 50-minute sessions are, all together, the same cost to you as a single, longer session. Payment is due at the start of the session on your chosen day of change – the day you start living the rest of your life.

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