support for authors

Successful creative writing requires a set of skills that marks a top author out from the crowd.  Writing a best-seller needs the talent you have, the skills you can learn and your best ideas.

Image of George Orwell writingBut you have to focus on the task.  And have the motivation to turn your dream into a finished story.

Working with Chris Pearson you can enhance your focus and motivation; improve plots and develop characters; even break short-term or prolonged writer’s block!

Sportsmen work with a coach to improve their physical performance.  Their coach knows that the mind rules the body and that top athletes improve results through practice and psychology.  Athletes use scientific technology to improve, including equipment, new training techniques, specialised nutrition and sports psychology.  They call them ergogenic aids – external influences that can enhance performance. Writers too use psychology to move up a gear in turning their ideas into complete, popular stories.  So can you!

Perhaps you need to focus more on your current work in process.  Or do you need to find the motivation to get that book done and dusted or to bring those characters to life?  Working with Chris Pearson can make a genuine difference.  Chris will help you harness the true power of your imagination, to develop stories and get them onto paper.  Working one-to-one with Chris can be the most effective way to success – quickly covering your specific issues.

You know you have the skill and the talent as an author.  You deserve the support you’ll get from a writing coach and qualified therapist.  To find out more, use the contact form here.