Creativity means different things to different people.  But the process is always one in which something new and valuable is created.

What makes it important?  Its newness… or its value?  Or both?

Every one of us has a wonderful resource in our subconscious – a vast warehouse of information.  Facts and ideas.  And an ocean of ideas awash with unique concepts and personal abilities.  What is creative? Thinking up stories is creative and so is coming up with a new joke.  Scientific theories are creative and so is the process of making music.  Then there is painting, drawing and making three-dimensional art.  It sometimes might seem easier to define what is not creative than what is!

There are many theories of creativity and the study of the creative mind began far back in history and continues today.  But what we cannot dispute is that creativity is natural to human existence – and every one of us can be creative.

Hypnosis can promote creativity.  Trancework allows the subconscious mind to do what it naturally does and to come up with the creative ideas and then to bring those ideas into the conscious realm.  Many people remember only fragments of wonderful dreams – trancework is an opportunity to perceive those same dream-like experiences and then to hold on to their rich content.

Chris Pearson can guide your trance experiences to allow you to benefit from that sentient adventure, reaping the unique fruits of your deepest thoughts.  Chris can help you tap into those areas you may sometimes only be fleetingly aware of.

Creativity is an area in which personal aims are paramount.  Get in touch to discuss exactly what you want to achieve, how it can be achieved and when.  Visit the contact page to do just that!

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