It’s no secret that every successful athlete maintains the highest levels of physical fitness. But it’s true that this is only part of any strategy required for success.  There is more.

Research shows that sports performance has – in fact – much more to do with mental rather than physical abilities. Many people think this sounds like a very strange concept but sports men and women now recognise the power of their mental state having a positive effect on their sports performance.

Hypnosis has been used to help professional athletes get the absolute best out of their natural abilities – even the naturally-talented Golfer concentratinggolfer Tiger Woods regularly uses hypnosis.  And so do many other professional and club golfers.

The techniques that can make sports people so much more successful, enhancing their natural abilities, can also be applied to other areas of life: musicians have natural talent that can be honed and developed through lessons and practice but a focused state of mind can take their skills to the next level.  Because these ways of thinking are all about success!

PianistHypnotherapy enhances an individual’s mental attitude by boosting relaxation, banishing anxieties and building confidence. Everyone is different of course, so therapy has to be tailored to each individual, which is why face-to-face sessions are so much more effective than off the shelf solutions.  And working with a skilled therapist almost anyone can use hypnosis to maintain their composure, overcome distractions and fears and also to gain – or to regain – confidence in their abilities.

It’s true that the connections formed in the human brain can’t distinguish between actually doing something or imagining doing it.  So imagining overcoming that putting issue, visualising winning a competition or seeing in your mind’s eye the perfect performance can help tune your mind for success before achieving it.  In other words, if the human mind is capable of imagining something then it’s capable of making it happen. How can this help you?

  • It can give you confidence and build self belief
  • Hypnosis helps remove negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Trancework increases motivation and dedication
  • Trance helps you experience deep relaxation as you concentrate on success
  • You naturally maintain focus, develop composure and you overcome distractions of all kinds

Whatever the task, whatever skill you want to enhance.  Gain or regain your natural confidence.  Get in touch and find out more: visit the contact page here.



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