Control pain hypnotically

Woman's face expresses painPain can be debilitating and it can affect every area of your life – it makes it hard to concentrate, difficult to sleep and easy to become short-tempered and irritable.  Pain can occur suddenly – like dental pain or a sports injury – or you may have suffered with it over a period of time.

Because pain is a sign of an issue within your body, we always need to know what it is that the pain is telling you.  Before pain is removed it’s a good idea to know its cause!  That can mean a visit to your general practitioner, maybe, before hypnotherapy starts.  That’s because it is possible to completely remove pain using hypnosis alone and it’s necessary to let your doctor investigate and make a diagnosis while there is still a pain to investigate.

Using hypnosis on pain

Along with every ethical hypnotherapist, Chris Pearson believes that pain should never be treated as an end in itself.  If the underlying cause of the pain is known and your doctor agrees, hypnosis can be very effective in relieving it. Chris can use hypnotherapy in a variety of pain treatment plans, including dental pain, post-operative pain, sports and other exercise-related injury, headaches, muscle pain, neuralgia and many other symptoms associated with injury.

How does it work?

Chris Pearson and members of his peer group use hypnotic anaesthesia techniques to manage feeling – these can allow a dentist to perform essential work without injections, tablets or gas.  For pain control we use hypnotic analgesia – techniques developed specifically to reduce or remove the uncomfortable sensations associated with painful conditions.  These are especially effective in treating intense dental discomfort and the pain endured by many disabled people.

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