Your subconscious mind receives information all the time – of course, it filters that constant flow of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings and it tries to bring only the important ones to your conscious attention.  But your subconscious mind really does retain everything so you genuinely can recall memories you might think were never stored!  That additional information can support what you have already learned to boost your conscious knowledge.

And, of course, it is true that your mind processes information best when it is relaxed and focused. So hypnosis, relaxation and hypnotic learning techniques are very successful to combine these natural benefits, to focus and centre you for both study and examinations.


Being tested is a process that investigates and measures what you can recall and apply at a single moment in time.  So it’s bound to become a source of anxiety, especially if it seems to you that this is your one chance to show what you know.  It seems that one of the key reasons for failure is not sub-standard knowledge or poor skills but having your performance ruined by anxiety – by your nerves.

So one easy and quick element in success is relaxation.  Feeling comfortable and relaxed is pleasant and, of course, allows your confidence and ability to move to the front.  And because your conscious mind works best when it is quiet and calm, you will recall facts more quickly and apply what you already know more effectively when you are relaxed.

Tests usually involve a practical demonstration of what you can do – of your skills, in fact.  Like a driving test.


Exams are like tests but often require more recall of facts – because they are, after all, tests of knowledge – and a focus on demonstrating what you know.  So the ability to recall information that has been previously learned is the key to success.

Again, the conscious mind does not locate facts and memories quickly and make them available when it feels under pressure.  How often – for instance – do you notice an elusive fact is ‘on the tip of your tongue’ more often when you feel stressed?  And that those same facts just seem to flow naturally into your conscious thoughts at times when you’re relaxed and there’s plenty of time.

How do hypnotherapy and meridian therapy help?

Together these therapeutic techniques can help you deal with the symptoms and results of what is generally called exam nerves.  EFT can be used to focus on the task in hand whether it’s a driving test or some kind of exam and it can then help with the thoughts that can ruin a positive attitude.  At the same time, hypnosis and NLP can help with the conscious appreciation of knowledge and skills and in helping you to apply them, either answering questions or demonstrating practical skills.

As with so much in achieving success, a steady approach over a period of time can be highly effective and can help you enjoy results beyond your expectations.  But if you discover you have last minute nerves then we can help there, too – the techniques are slightly different but the results can be just as effective.

Hypnotherapy can also help with your study skills – in the classroom, self-guided study and revision.  Find out more about study, here.