There are probably very few students who wouldn’t love to improve their study skills. But there’s so much pressure on students these days – at school, college and in-post training – to achieve outstanding results that many do not fulfill their potential.  That’s not because they lack the necessary knowledge or skills but because they struggle with the processes that test – or examine – the learning.

There is a general acceptance that hypnosis is a well-established method of helping learners to overcome the problems that cause exam nerves. Girl who studiesAnd – after all – skilled hypnotherapists regularly treat phobias, control bad habits and improve individual performance.  So why not also assist with the study process?

Hypnosis allows you to achieve much greater control over both your own mind and your body. That control enables you to overcome stress and anxiety – both in your thoughts and at a physical level – and it can also pave the way to better study skills, overcoming what is often called self-sabotaging behaviour.

And it’s true that barriers to learning have less to do lack of opportunity to study or with actually learning whatever the subject matter might be and more with the ability to study correctly – properly, even – and to absorb and retain that information effectively.   A lot of people find it quite daunting – a real challenge, in fact – to focus on the studying process, especially with a mind that is currently distracted, filled with anxieties or even convinced that failure is inevitable.

Hypnosis helps!

It is clear that hypnotherapy and associated techniques like EFT and NLP can help.

It can help with concentration and focus plus effectiveness of your memory; increasing confidence, motivation and self-esteem. These therapeutic options can also turn down destructive self-doubt while reducing levels of study-stress.

How does it help?

Like study itself, therapy is an individual and personal process.  So this hypnotherapy is best conducted on an individual, one-to-one basis. Usually a first session will last an hour and a half or a little more, during which we can get to know each other and to talk about your aspirations and the issues you experience with study and learning.  There is usually then time at the close of that first session to begin the therapy process.  The therapy will often begin with some relaxing hypnosis with NLP and EFT being introduced as the process continues.

Hypnotherapy allows you to enjoy focused relaxation – a comfortable and peaceful state of mind – and to gain benefits in your mind while your also begin to become more in control of your body’s natural responses to the pressure of deadlines and stress of study targets.  The therapy lets you stop defeating yourself.  Mentally, you can take control.

So many school and college students do not fulfill their potential. This is a known fact with full-time students but it also applies to those learning at work and in-post training courses and other part-time schemes.  If you find you are suffering the agonies of anxiety when you’re trying to learn you can take control with the right help; when exam time comes round you’ll benefit from the proper support.

For those studying and suffering, many who have tried it, hypnosis has been life-changing.  Get in touch and find out more.


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