Weight reduction, weight control and eating

Over-weight manYou often find that people who are happy with their size and shape don’t actually try to maintain that weight. It just seems to happen while others around them strive to achieve their goal weight and to stay there once they reach it. Some people will tell you, “A diet is just a training course for being hungry, fat and unhappy. Slim, fit person  There must be a better way…”

There is!

Hypnosis can be used to help you build a repertoire of healthy, beneficial new habits.  We can start to think about things in a different way and to break old habits, too. With hypnotherapy we can very soon begin to experience natural, easy weight change, taking us to the weight and shape we have chosen for ourselves.

Exercise is always useful in a healthy lifestyle and with a new, healthier outlook on eating a naturally fitter you is exactly what you have to look forward to.


Hypnotherapy helps Pearyou to see that fitter, healthier you in your future. You can develop a new, improved self-image. The therapy can also help you relax and being relaxed means you’re less stressed about your weight. You’ll be thinking positively about your shape, your weight and what you Orangeeat. You won’t be weighing, worrying and dieting anymore!

Hypnotherapy can also help you in seeing unconscious obstacles to the fitter, healthier you and then to overcome them with a positive attitude and belief in yourself.


Inappropriate eating leads to weight problems. Underweight and overweight are both issues thatApple may be down to poor nutrition. Poor nutrition may be the result of fad diets, over-dieting, eating junk food or giving in to cravings for foods that should really just be treats.

Working with a hypnotherapist you can easily and painlessly change your mind about food, about eating and even about those cravings for sweets and treats.


You can start that healthier life just as soon as you want to. It’s true. Many weight and eating issues can be dealt with in just a few sessions with a good therapist. If you are committed to reducing your weight and enjoying the benefits of healthier living, the Five Star Plan is based on four weekly sessions.

Usually we can arrange your initial session lasting up to 75 minutes when your therapist will take your details, asking what your goals are then making a start on your treatment. With a second, fifty-minute session following about a week later you will already be benefiting from your therapy.

Two people in silhouetteChris Pearson is committed to promoting healthier beliefs and healthier bodies – he has worked with men and with women to achieve their desired size, shape and weight. Chris has worked with clients young and not so young to realise their vision of a future self, wearing the clothes they choose and free from fad diets and agonising cravings.

He has invested in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) recognised by GHR. CPD includes workshops and courses to widen his therapeutic skills and ensure his knowledge of proven techniques in weight management, including gaining a Diploma in Advanced Weight Management during 2010.

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